Determination of virucidal activities according to airborne room disinfection by automated process.


Standard testing in test enclosure between 2.5 m³ to 5 m³ and preliminary screening to determine the virucidal activity.

NFT 72281 (2014) / NF EN 17272 (2020).

Airborne room disinfection of surfaces. Determination of the virucidal activity.

Obligatory conditions for the medical sector: murine norovirus and adenovirus type 5.
Obligatory conditions for the veterinary/ stock-breeding sector: porcine parvovirus.
Obligatory conditions for the industrial/ community sector: murine norovirus and adenovirus type 5.

Distribution test (EN 17272)

Additional conditions:

Virus influenza humain
Virus influenza aviaire
Virus influenza porcin
Virus influenza equin
Alphacoronavirus humain
Alphacoronavirus félin
Rhinovirus humain
Adénovirus Type 5
Poliovirus LSc-2ab
Parainfluenza de type 2
Virus Respiratoire Syncitial

Virus de la vaccine
Herpes virus bovin
Virus PRV Aujeszky
Rotavirus humain
Herpes virus humain
Virus BVDV
Parvovirus murin
Parvovirus porcin
Parvovirus felin
Parvovirus canin
Adénovirus aviaire
Adénovirus porcin

Enterovirus porcin
Enterovirus bovin
Virus ISAV saumon
Virus SPDV saumon
Virus IPNV saumon
Calicivirus felin

Other strains on request