Innovative bespoke protocols based on both technical/environmental issues and customer specific needs

VirHealth develops innovative protocols to evaluate disinfectant activities of disinfection/decontamination technologies you used for the microbiological management, including chemical disinfectant/antiseptics (surface and liquid), soaked wipes and surface decontamination systems.

Our innovative assay included following parameters:

- Industrial and technical process and specific microbiological management procedures
- Dirty and clean conditions with specific chemical and organic pollutants
- Specific microorganism strain
- Innovative assay using standard protocols

Virhealth develops research programs to propose innovative bespoke assay to substantiate the efficiency of your disinfection technological solutions in real conditions:

- Surface complex deposit with several microorganism (virus/virus, virus/bacteria, virus/bacterie/mold) and organic pollutants to create artificial laboratory dirty conditions (medical and veterinary domain) for the evaluation of airborne-based surface cleaning and disinfection process.
- Virucidal and microbiocidal activities of chemical disinfectant using artificial laboratory liquid waste containing several microorganisms and pollutants.
- Protocols according specific needs.