Virucidal and microbicidal activities: standards protocols

VirHealth allows evaluations of virucidal and microbicidal activities of decontamination/disinfection technologies according to French and European standards

Virucidal and microbicidal activities: innovative protocols

The current norms do not permit the provision of standardised experimental procedures for the assessment requests in disinfection technology solutions, more specifically in virology. Based on various standards, VirHealth will develop innovative protocols to answer your growing needs to assess your technologies.

Innovative bespoke protocols based on both technical/environmental issues and customer specific needs

if you use disinfection/decontamination technologies for microbiological management and you wish to set up specific disinfection procedures for your different activities or environment
VirHealth, can be assist you through the development of innovative bespoke protocols to substantiate the efficiency of your disinfection technological solutions in real conditions. 

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