Manufacturers and users: experimental and innovative testing and procedures

Our R&D department develops innovative experimental procedures in order to propose tests of virucidal activities miming high contamination levels representative of technical environments or associated with specific issues.

Conditions of complex interferences.

We develop complex interfering substances for the testing of virucidal activity (liquid or surface) according to the standard conditions, additional conditions or to bespoke procedures.

- Dirty conditions including animal faeces, protein and lipidic derivatives of food products, chemical and organic environmental pollutants.
Problematic of avian/swin influenza (animal faeces and manure)
Issues of animal laboratory house (faeces, foods derivatives and litters)

- Dirty conditions including artificial contaminated physical liquids (saliva, respiratory secretions, blood, urine and faeces) manque "et polluants chimiques et organiques environnementaux."
Problematic of respiratory virus (saliva and respiratory mucus)

- Multi-pathogens dirty conditions: presence of viruses and bacteria in the artificial soils.

Testing of combined virucidal and bactericidal activities on surface.

In most environments, the surfaces contaminated with viruses via physiologic liquids or contaminated products, can present, beside chemical and organic residues, an important bacterial flora or even a specific bacterial contamination according to the application field.

We established, based on European standards, assays’ protocols for evaluation of virucidal and bactericidal activities of a surface disinfection product with one single surface contaminated with viruses and bacteria.

Combinatory testing EN14476 / EN13697: Phase 2/Step 2

Problematic of respiratory and enteric viruses.
Viruses: alphacoronavirus, bétacoronavirus, virus influenza, adénovirus, rotavirus and norovirus.
Bacteria: streptococcus pneumoniae, staphylocoque aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli and enterococcus faecium.

The company Virhealth conducts research and development activities within collaborative projects with Research Laboratories and Research and Developpment Centers.

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- Study of viral stability on surface and problematic Sars-CoV-2 (Thèse CIFRE 2019-2021, ANRT)
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