Assays for evaluation of virucidal activities tacking into account the real use conditions

We develop the experimental strategies and realise the virucidal activities tests tacking into account the real use conditions of disinfectant products and equipment in order to optimise the management of the viral contamination for breeding industries, research laboratories, R&D centers, Biotech and industrial production areas.

The experimental procedures tack into account:
- Management process of microbiological contamination and clients products
- Dirty conditions associated with chemical and organic pollutants of site-specific activities and environment
- The viral strains of client or a wide range of human and animal viral strains.
- standardised experimental procedures if applicable

Airborne disinfection of surfaces (DSVA).

- Labotatory tests optimising the use parameters of airborne surface disinfection systems and to carry out the Performance Qualification of equipment (virus, bacteria, spores).

- Breeding sector: airborne disinfection test in agricultural buildings of 500 m³ and 1000 m³.

- Development of quantitative biological indicators (IBQ) according to the clients request for on-site testing and conception of mimetic biological indicators for the viral problematic.

Surface disinfection.

- Efficacy testing for surface disinfectants and disinfectant wipes according to the regulatory requirements associated with industrial activities or research.
- Development of contaminated test surfaces representative of the technical environment or according to client’s specifications in order to optimise the use parameters of products.
- Stockbreeding /hatchery sector: efficacy testing of products and equipment for disinfection of eggshells and storage environment.


- Virucidal efficacy testing of small equipment and instruments by immersion.

- Disinfectant virucidal / microbiocidal efficiency of equipment:
Ozone and plasma
Thermal disinfection

- Development of experimental protocols for the validation of disinfection methods of equipment.