Virucidal activity of products equipment and disinfection technologies

Virhealth, independent laboratory, specialised in virology, offers a wide range of standardized testing as well as the bespoke assays according to specific clients’ conditions in order to determine virucidal activities of products, equipment and disinfection technologies.
VirHealth carries out tests taking into account the real use conditions of the products as well as client's needs and regulatory requirements. As a technical and innovation center, VirHealth develops experimental procedures to realize equipment performance qualification and has international expertise of materials, surfaces and textiles evaluation of antiviral activites.
VirHealth conducts Research and Development work of collaborative projects within the Joint Laboratory PRV Research TechLab and develops innovative experimental procedures.

Our news


We are pleased to announce the publication of the study "Antiviral Activity of Active Materials: Standard and Finger-Pad-Based Innovative Experimental Approaches" in the international review Materials. MORE INFORMATION

Surface disinfection - New Test Bench

VirHealth has developed a new test bench to meet the requirements of EN17272 (2020, airborne disinfection system) for small-enclosure efficacy tests of 2 m3. MORE INFORMATION

Partnership with NeoVirTech

NeoVirTech and VirHealth join their virology expertise to provide customers one of the most extended virus disinfection measurement and R&D platform in France and in Europe. MORE INFORMATION