Antiviral and Antimicrobial testing for products, equipment, and disinfection technologies

Our laboratory is accredited according to ISO17025 for virucidal tests. Accreditation n°1-7113. Scope available on www.cofrac.fr

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📢 It gives us great pleasure to inform you about testing implementation procedures to simulate daily cleaning/disinfection cycles of antimicrobial surfaces and coatings in the laboratory.
🔦 This new technological approach aligns with VirHealth's strategy to develop and offer a specific testing service for these products allowing the simulation of wear scenarios representative of real-world usage conditions. Following US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines wear tests enable to mime the human activity of cleaning/disinfection and to evaluate the impact on their performance.
💡 Indeed, it is crucial to consider the durability of the performance of antimicrobial coatings and materials to reassure consumers and promote these emerging technologies.

Transformation of SMEs through Innovation

🏆We are pleased to announce that our company has been selected as the winner of the France 2030 regionalized call for projects in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, focusing on "Transformation of SMEs through Innovation". It relates to our project on the Performance and Durability of Antimicrobial Products. MORE

Evaluating the efficacy of surface disinfectants

VirHealth is pleased to announce the implementation of new trial procedures aimed at evaluating the efficacy of surface disinfectants, whether used with or without mechanical action (wipes), as well as surface disinfection systems through airborne methods, against Adeno-Associated-Virus (AAV) vectors used in gene therapy. MORE

Surface disinfection - New Test Bench

VirHealth has developed a new test bench to meet the requirements of EN17272 (2020, airborne disinfection system) for small-enclosure efficacy tests of 2 m3. MORE


We are pleased to announce the publication of the study "Antiviral Activity of Active Materials: Standard and Finger-Pad-Based Innovative Experimental Approaches" in the international review Materials. MORE

Partnership with NeoVirTech

NeoVirTech and VirHealth join their virology expertise to provide customers one of the most extended virus disinfection measurement and R&D platform in France and in Europe. MORE


Surfaces with antiviral activities participate in the management of viral contamination by reducing the infectious virus load over time. We offer standardized or adapted protocols to evaluate the antiviral efficacy of porous and non-porous surfaces on a large panel of viruses (enveloped and non- enveloped) including alpha/beta coronaviruses. MORE